Eagle on Rock


Eagle perched on a rock garden ornament is a striking creature that is perfect for standing tall in a garden to look over. Made from aluminium, this is a solid and sturdy bird of prey that has been hand-finished to give that extra magical and fearsome look. The stunning detail is ideal for a gardener who wants that extra touch of style.

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Eagle perched on a rock. This elegant bird of prey sits upon a rock with a menacing look. Ideal for gardens where this creature can overlook the other garden ornaments and protect it’s young.

H: 68cm W: 31cm D: 44cm
Made from: Cast Aluminium
Finish: Black/Gold
Weight: 25kg


*please allow 7 – 21 days for delivery
*this product are made from recycled aluminium

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 44 × 31 × 68 cm


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