Elk on Stone


Life size elk on rocks. Straight from the Scottish highlands this statue really does has the X-Factor. The majestic creature is finely detailed capturing the vast scale of this fine animal.

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The elk on stone is a majestic animal that is captured in a fine detail. Suited to any large garden or outdoor space, it would not look out of place with deer. The hand finished texture makes this a fine statue that will get people talking and even convince a few that it is real. Weighing in at around 137kg, this fine chap will not be easily missed and will stand the test of time with the British weather by the recycled aluminium.

H 306cm W 92cm D 165cm
Made from Cast Aluminium
Finish: Black/Brown
Weight: 137kg

*please allow 7 – 21 days for delivery

Additional information

Weight 137 kg
Dimensions 165 × 926 × 30 cm


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